Privacy Policy

Peacock, like any streaming service, collects some personal information in order to provide their service. Their full Privacy Policy outlines:

  • What They Collect:
    • Account Info: Email, possibly billing details (if you subscribe).
    • Device Info: Type of device, IP address.
    • Watching Activity: What you watch, how much, when you use the service.
  • How They Use It:
    • Improve the Service: Understand popular content, fix technical problems.
    • Personalize Your Experience: Recommend things you might like.
    • Show Ads: Even paid tiers have some ads, they use some data for targeting.
    • Contact You: Updates, offers, support.
  • Sharing Your Info:
    • Within NBCUniversal: Other related services might have access to some data.
    • Third-Parties: Analytics partners, advertisers (to some extent).
    • If Required by Law: Subpoenas, mergers, etc.

Your Rights (These Vary Based on Your Location)

  • Access Your Data: You can usually request a copy of what they hold.
  • Deletion: You might be able to request certain information be deleted.
  • Opt-Out (Limited): Some jurisdictions allow opting out of certain data use for advertising.

How to Find Peacock’s Full Privacy Policy

  1. Peacock Website: Scroll to the footer on their main website (
  2. “Privacy Policy” Link: Click the link titled “Privacy Policy” or similar.
  3. Read Thoroughly: This is a legal document, so take your time.

*Key Points

  • Updates: Peacock can change their policy, they’ll usually notify you.
  • Location Matters: Your legal rights depend on where you live (US state, country).
  • It’s Not Just About Activation: This policy covers how they handle your data throughout your use of Peacock.